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Patios or pool decks provide not only beauty, but safety for swimming pool areas. Climbing out of the swimming pool, you can be assured of a slip-resistant surface with an interlock pool surround. At Eastern Valley we'll help you select the proper stone to ensure that your poolside landscape is not only beautiful but safe.


When mentioning curb appeal, your driveway is the first thing people see. At Eastern Valley we specialize in the installation of full interlock driveways as well as partial interlock and asphalt driveways. We understand the proper installation techniques to ensure longevity of your driveway. Click below to browse our driveway section of our portfolio.

Patio design must consider more than merely how it is to be used, by whom and when but also take the wider view of the landscape into account. A distinguishing point of good patio design realises the importance of the patio as an integral element within the overall landscape. It is vital that the patio enables people to indulge in and enjoy outdoor living, so it is important that the patio size and positioning is not only practical but appropriate for the layout.



Walkways are an important part of front yard landscaping. A beautiful walkwaywill greatly enhance your home's curb appeal and provide a way for you and guests to get to your front door. You'll want the walkway to look nice and be easy to walk on since it will serve as an entrance to your home. Whether it will lead straight to your front door, or to a small courtyard garden or porch, there are many design options for front yard walkways.


Water features are always a great way to add interest to the garden. Whether it’s still water from a pond or moving water from a fountain, ready-made pond liners, kits and pumps make this endeavor easy and painless. Large-sized containers and tubs can make great ponds for small spaces too.

Eastern Valley Landscaping will also help you revive the look of your landscaping project. With our tough Canadian climate, the frost and thaw, our landscaping projects need to be properly maintained and repaired. From adding some fresh sand to the joints and removing weeds and other growths, to repairing uneven surfaces that have settled through time, we can help.



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